Are you a nice Human?


Check out our very first video on our first Cyberbullying campaign below!

Are you a nice Human?


The innovation of the Internet has made it so easy to say harmful things to one another without consequence, as a result, we cut each other down on Facebook posts, Retweet so-called “epic burns” and even share things like intimate photos –meant initially only for a trusted friend or lover– with the world with the aim to bring shame to them –Body Shaming.

With whom should it stop? Are you any better for clicking retweet? Must we find others’ downfalls so amusing?

It stops with you Human 🙂 .You have the power to make the internet a safe space again.

Stop CyberBullying. It ends with you.

“The internet was not created to cause harm, don’t be a cyberbully .Be a nice human. “

-Charlotte Gumbi


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