Daily Sun: ‘Nude pics turned my ex into a monster’!


Check out our very first published article on Cyberbullying!

Daily Sun:‘Nude pics turned my ex into a monster’!

Join Charlotte “Charlee” Gumbi as she regales the horrors she faced when a simple breakup suddenly turned disasterous as her ex lover betrayed her trust and posted naked pictures of her on social media with the intent to harm and deface her reputation out of spite.

This story has a happy ending though, as the gross inhumanity of the social media community prompted Charlotte to bring happiness back to the internet and unpack the “Human” in “Humanity” by starting the #HumanityMustRise NPO, which today has grown in both partners in arms as well as in influence.

Our aim is to keep that legacy alive, and to spread the word!

So wont you join us too, Human?

We can’t wait to have you 😉

“There will always be obstacles in life, our self worth is determined by if we choose to rise above them, or let them consume us. Never choose the latter.”- Oscar “Oscar” Nkosi


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