Rebirth Of Humanity

Check out our like showcasing our Rebirth of Humanity Photo Shoot below!
Here are a few words from our founder Charlotte “Charlee” Gumbi regarding the birth of our foundation “Humanity Must Rise” and the touching story of its humble beginnings.
Please do check it out!
“The reason for this photo shoot lies behind an experience I had concerning what is commonly referred to as Cyber Bullying.
In the recent year, I was dating a guy for close to 6 months who I noticed gradually began displaying signs that he was too controlling for my taste. As I began to exit the relationship, his jealous behavior raised red flags. During the course of our relationship, I would often send him nude pictures, some at his request, and some of my own accord. At the time the relationship was dissolving, he used those nude pictures I sent him as an attack against me. He sent the pictures to family members and friends of mine, posted them on social media and ran a smear campaign to make me appear promiscuous and humiliate me in my community. Because of the esteem issues I had then, this devastated me, not to mention having body image issues for various reasons, the humiliation was crippling.
I decided to fight back, but in a different manner. I contacted a local newspaper and shared my story. The events that followed led me to register and start a non-profit organization Humanity Must Rise, a human rights movement designed to promote better conduct with the use of the internet, social media and developing technologies. My hope is to inspire people from all walks of life, young and old, to hold themselves to a particular standard when utilizing social media and the internet. I also want to help spread a sense of self confidence to young women, who feel that they may have been stripped of theirs, by bullying in any form, from boyfriends, friends or even family.
In this pursuit, Humanity Must Rise’s had it’s first creative photoshoot “The Rebirth of Humanity” on the 5th of Nov 2016, which took place in Johannesburg Maboneng Arts in Main. The shoot was directed by the creative genius of Jowhari Trahan remotely(Zarifsoulye ), from California and captured by Sun L Manqele, Trinity Jackson and Meliqiniso Geniso Hlatshwayo, photographers here in South Africa. This photoshoot is proof of the POWER of social media and shows how the internet connects us all, wherever we are.
Gratitude to our models from Late Night Music, Prince Sbu Gumbi, Walter Mashiloane, Khosi Wane, Ntombi Buthelezi, Thabo Faku and our producation crew Latoya Visagie, Hawu Manqele, Lwazi Manqele, Kemiso Buleu.”
Charlotte “Charlee” Gumbi
There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelou

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