Ukweli uchi – A Women’s Day Initiative…

“Wathint’abafazi, wathint’imbokodo”

Truer words have never been spoken. Bearer of nations, you not only nurture the world, in a sense, you ARE the world.

Today we ,as humanity, do what we feel should be done EVERYDAY. We honor you.

To mark this momentous day in our country’s history and bring focus to the daily struggles that women (and by “women”, we mean ALL women! Including our sistaz in the Lesbian and Trans Community) must face merely due to their assigned genders and outdated hetero-normative ideals.

Societal constructs have them constantly living in fear and indignant awareness of the frailty of their chastity and ,in some cases, even their lives.

Today we want to shine a light on the magnificence that is You.

In keeping with this theme, we at #HumanityMustRise, alongside Young Upcoming Photographer extraordinaire Sthembiso Ngcobo organised the Ukweli uchi women’s day photo shoot in remembrance and protest against Women’s rights violations in South Africa in today’s day and age.

And of course, special thanks are in order to our Director Of Photography Lwazi “LwaziBlaq” Manqele on providing inspiration as well as allowing for the immaculate execution of this shoot’s objectives, allowing our very own Charlotte “Charlee” Gumbi to channel her embodiment of womanhood and humanity as a whole in body and spirit.

Do keep an eye out for our full release of the Ukweli uchi photo shoot coming soon, because you DON’T wanna miss this!

A million thanks Human, for your time today, now go be a nice human … 🙂

“I am a woman, I bend, I don’t break” – Unknown


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